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Lúgaro encourages supporters to vote “without fear”

By on November 6, 2016

SAN JUAN — Independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro pleaded her followers on Saturday to vote for her “without fear” this Tuesday, despite attacks they will suffer the upcoming days by people who want to disqualify her candidacy.

Amid hundreds of followers who echoed “Lúgaro, without fear” located on a neighboring space to Cerra St. in Santurce, the independent candidate emphasized the merits within her “movement,” which she managed to raise “without money, without public funds, without millions of dollars,” and noted it is composed of diverse political, social, and religious backgrounds.

Independent candidate encouraged her supporters to dismiss attempts to belittle her "movement." (Yoel Parrilla/CB)

Independent candidate encouraged her supporters to dismiss attempts to belittle her “movement.” (Yoel Parrilla/CB)

“There are many who feel threatened and they will attack us these next three days. They will hit us with everything. They will tell us a vote for Lúgaro is a wasted vote, that it is a symbolic vote, that it is a vote that’s thrown away. Lies! A wasted vote is a vote for more of same, a vote for the other parties. Let’s go this Tuesday without fear and let’s vote for Puerto Rico, united,” said the lawyer in a message that lasted close to five minutes.

Lúgaro remembered that everything began one year and eight months ago, when she was tired of complaining of the “abuse, the corruption,” and “bad politics placed above people’s capabilities.” That is why she decided to run for governor, to “be part of that government’s decision-making. With my example I want to lead other citizens so we can all be part of Puerto Rico’s uprising,” she expressed.

“The most important thing is that we came here without the need to lie. We came here head-on, speaking the truth, telling the people what can and can’t be done, not seeding false expectations, not selling dreams, not bringing the same empty promises told every four years, but that brought us a country with the worst economic and social crises we have seen in our history,” insisted the candidate, who criticized that major parties have kept citizens “divided” to remain in power.

After ending her discourse, the independent candidate took a selfie with her followers, who chanted “Yo soy Lúgaro, pa’ que tú lo sepas” (I am Lúgaro, so that you know).

Following Lúgaro’s message, Roberto Roena, Viva Nativa and Los Chinchillos del Caribe entertained the audience, mostly youth, with their music. Artist Fernan Mora painted a picture of the independent candidate while the public awaited their leader.

The purpose of the activity was also to complete the list of poll officials who will protect the candidate’s votes. Her electoral commissioner, América Aponte, told Caribbean Business they already count with 4,500 certified inspectors who will be present on the poll sites, but they hoped to arrive to the 5,296 required for each voting center.


Loyal Supporters

“She fights for us, the youth, she is a natural revolutionary,” expressed Alexander Alicea to Caribbean Business as he waited for the candidate. Holding a sign that said “Long live the revolution,” and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, adopted by revolutionary group ‘Anonymous,’ he said he supports Lúgaro because she unites Puerto Ricans regardless of sex, gender identity or religion.

Meanwhile, Zulma Cabrera held a sign with a message from Pope Francis on which the Supreme Pontiff reminded one does not have to believe in God to be a good person. This way, she insisted on her support for Lúgaro, despite the latter revealing she is an atheist. “I support her because I know her and I know her values and principles. She represents all of us regardless of political ideals,” she reaffirmed.

For his part, Gabriel Rodríguez, who has written columns defending the movement, said he trusts Lúgaro for being “the candidate who has the most certainty in what she proposes.”

“She has been able to present a short-term and long-term vision outside the status, but rather with what the people need,” maintained Rodríguez.

On another hand, Alexis Figueroa emphasized the candidate’s qualifications due to her experience in administration and her knowledge in economy. “She has experience, she is honest. I feel closer to her than with the others,” he commented, in reference to Lúgaro’s interactions with followers on social media.

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