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Mayagüez highlights the development of creative industries

By on August 27, 2016

Senator María Teresa González López celebrated the progress in the creative industries, as part of an initiative by the municipality of Mayagüez along with historian and cultural manager Sylvia Aguiló.

“This week there were several activities related to the Puerto Rican fashion industry, as a source of jobs and businesses, as well as cultural expression. The events were held in the Casa Pilar Defilló Museum, with a magnificent exhibition that will continue tomorrow, Sunday,” informed the senator.

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The exhibition on the Pilar Defilló Museum boasted a numerous audience and students from schools of Fashion and Design.

The initiative arises from the Mayagüez Creative Business and Industries Incubator (IEIC for its Spanish initials).

“This is the incorporation of creative economy as a development strategy for Mayagüez. It is aimed towards entrepeneurs, productors, editors, creators, inventors and investors interested in establishing their business or cultural industry in Mayagüez,” Aguiló explained.

The historian added that the idea is to reinforce the municipality’s creativity, cultural heritage and brainpower, committing it to “developing strategies for its increased productivity.”

Senator González López underlined that the mayor, José Guillermo Rodríguez, “impulsed this proyect with determination, assigning development funds because it is consonant with the new regional economic development model to fortify both the city’s economic and the Porta del Sol region.”

The first strategy was achieving the headquarters for the XXVI Central American and Caribbean Games in 2010 and using them as a spearhead to launch a new regional advancement cemented in the sports industry and sponsoring sports and cultural events.


The idea is to reinforce the municipality’s creativity,

cultural heritage and brainpower


That’s why the Department of Economic Development of Mayagüez was established, which coordinates all efforts on a municipal level.

The exhibition on the Pilar Defilló Museum boasted a numerous audience and students from schools of Fashion and Design and it displayed the documentary “Of guayaberas and pasacintas,” followed by a forum with producer Pedro Lázaro, as well as the presentation of another documentary headed by productor and publicist Flora Pérez Garay.

The “Royal Black” exhibition, with creations from various renowned local and international designers, will be available for the public’s enjoyment today and tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. in the Museum, cultural space Pablo Casals, located on Méndez Vigo Street 21 and 23.

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