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Mayors Association reiterates request to collaborate in Puerto Rico power grid repair

By on January 23, 2018

SAN JUAN – After the government announced its intentions to sell assets of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa), the president of the Puerto Rico Mayors Association and mayor of Cayey, Rolando Ortiz, insisted municipalities be allowed to collaborate in the work to restore the island’s electrical grid.

“We, the associated mayors, we beg the governor to allow us to contribute to the restoration of electric service on equal terms with the mayors of his party. The country continues to suffer, Mr. Governor [Ricardo Rosselló]. We invite you to come to the neighborhoods, to isolated communities, to see and feel the suffering of those who do not live in the comfort of La Fortaleza. Address your people’s demand[s],” Ortiz said in a written statement.

Governor announces Puerto Rico electric utility’s privatization model

In a televised speech Monday, Rosselló announced his intention to sell Prepa’s assets, thus putting the private sector in charge of the generation of electric power in Puerto Rico. In addition, the governor proposed a concession term for the distribution and transmission of energy. The objective is to end the “monopoly on power generation” on the island and promote investment and competition for the benefit of consumers, as occurs in other jurisdictions in the United States, according to the association’s release.

“Sadly, the governor tries to divert attention from the pain and suffering of the sick and their families, who at this point still do not have power service, announcing the privatization of Prepa to maybe get some applause. That is not the priority, because reality prevails: Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans continue to suffer in their daily lives, and the governor did not present a plan to restore service,” Ortiz said.

“What we need now is to give support to those brigades that do not have equipment and materials today, to speed up the search for options for those who invest a large part of their resources in fuel for generators. What should proceed is to power up Prepa’s pump stations to guarantee decent service to citizens,” he concluded.

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