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Mayors Turn Their Backs to Perelló and Urge Legislators to Support the Resignation

By on August 31, 2016

Mayors and presidents of non-mayor municipal committees, many that supported Jaime Perelló were in favor of the resignation petition made by Popular Democratic Party (PDP) president and candidate for governor David Bernier so that the legislative leader would leave his position.

Jaime Perelló resigns his position as president of the House of Representatives (CB image)

Jaime Perelló resigns his position as president of the House of Representatives (CB image)

The request made today by the mayors, led by William Miranda Torres, from the municipality of Caguas, José Carlos Aponte Dalmau, from Carolina, and President of the Mayors Association Rolando Ortíz, from Cayey, is addressed directly to the Popular representatives that in caucus ratify the resignation of Perelló as House president as of this Monday.

Related to the legislative process, they estimate that today’s move is also a message from the mayors and the non-mayor Popular leaders that call for support for another legislator that is not Roberto Rivera Ruíz de Porras to be president, just as Perelló requested upon his announcement of his resignation.

The thinking between various PDP leaders that asked to not be identified said that Bernier’s team favors the representative Jesús Santa, who now ends his four-year presidency period, and among other things because Rivera Ruíz de Porras is closely related to Perelló.

Perelló’s resignation is produced after strong pressures from all levels in the PDP upon being mentioned on various occasions by the convict businessman and PDP fundraiser Anaudi Hernández Pérez, as a key figure in the gubernatorial corruption scheme that Hernández Pérez led in the three government branches, the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive.

The mayors’ argument was presented today by the mayor of Caguas, William Miranda Torres, who called upon the caucus of the House of Representatives to act because if it is not done, “our community has tougher times to face.”

It is expected that Miranda Torres has emphasized that he does not approve of any party leader that does not align with Bernier’s and the PDP Board’s assessment on Perelló’s departure, to the point where he transcended that the Popular representative José “Conny” Varela was not allowed to participate in the PDP meeting in Caguas, from which he pertains to from his relations with Perelló.

During the negotiating process between Bernier and his collaborators and Perelló, Representative Varela acted as a bridge between the parts, seeking a favorable end for both sides, but the mayor of Caguas did not see as it as such and excluded him from the committee meetings.

Varela also brought the proposals made by Perelló in search of a successful exit for the parties involved in this controversy but they were rejected by Bernier’s advisory team, lead by Nestor Duprey.

Meanwhile, the Mayors Association President Rolando Ortíz explained that, in order to offer the island a party that provides changes in the structure of the government, the politician who already ceased his administrative responsibilities in the House must leave.

“We are asking the mayors and the candidates for mayor to do it and we are extending this petition toward our representatives so that in caucus they decide who should be the House president because it is not suitable for it to be Perelló,” said Ortíz.

The mayor of Carolina Aponte Dalmau, from his part, sustained that “dividing the responsibilities of the presidency to underestimate the public’s intelligence does not make you a leader, it makes you a co-conspirator.”

He was adamant to point out that “those legislators, especially from Carolina, that do not support Doctor Bernier with their actions and decisions, give their backs to our city and their history of service.”

Likewise, the mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín Crúz insisted that Perelló should abandon his position so that the conversation for the well-being of Puerto Rico can take place.

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