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MCS Classicare Covering Masks, Hand Sanitizer as OTC Items for Members

By on June 2, 2020

SAN JUAN — To protect its members during the COVID-19 pandemic, MCS Classicare, which offers Medicare Advantage coverage in Puerto Rico, has relaxed its coverage so that all members can acquire disposable masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

From June 1 to Dec. 31, these new items will be part of the over-the-counter (OTC) product guide, and will be provided with the other OTC items supplied to members whose coverage includes this benefit. In the case of MCS Classicare products that do not include the OTC benefit, they will cover up to a maximum of $20 per quarter to acquire these two new items in the OTC product guide, in addition to alcohol, which is already part of the OTC benefit. 

“Our role in this emergency becomes more relevant when we know the people most at risk make up the Medicare population we serve. Around 80% of our members suffer from chronic conditions that place them in a very vulnerable situation with COVID-19. Given this concerning scenario, MCS Classicare will continue its efforts to offer services and items necessary for providing greater protection to our members. That is why we have decided to include the disposable masks and hand sanitizer in our OTC Item Guide, and we’ve extended this to help those members whose coverage does not include the OTC benefit. That way, everyone has this protection during the emergency,” explained Carolyn Rodríguez, executive vice president of Pharmacy at MCS. 

MCS Classicare members can acquire the masks and hand sanitizer at their pharmacy of choice within the network. The maximum quarterly amount established to cover masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizer will vary according to the member’s MCS Classicare coverage. The same terms and conditions as the current OTC coverage apply. If the member does not use the full quarterly amount, the remaining amount does not transfer to the next quarter.

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