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MCS Foundation partners with Grupo Guayacán to promote economic development

By on May 24, 2018

SAN JUAN – MCS Healthcare Holdings’ charity arm, MCS Foundation, announced an alliance with Grupo Guayacán Inc. (GGI), a private-sector driven nonprofit that offers business development and training programs, to support an innovative company in the healthcare sector

The first year of the partnership, a release issued Thursday explains, involves a $36,500 sponsorship that MCS Foundation will distribute between its Health Innovation Special Track Prize, to be awarded at Guayacán’s annual EnterPRize business competition, and MCS Foundation’s Growth Acceleration Scholarship awarded as part of Guayacán Venture Accelerator, a business development program for executive teams at companies in the growth stage.

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“In this way, the alliance is supporting both startup companies, as well as growing businesses seeking to develop their business models inside and outside Puerto Rico,” the release reads.

“In this historic moment that Puerto Rico has experienced, it is necessary, now more than ever, to promote initiatives that help individuals create their own businesses. When we help entrepreneurs with their own business projects, we are promoting the employment and economic development that Puerto Rico so badly needs.

“Entrepreneurs also contribute to fostering innovation. Given that healthcare is one of our entity’s pillars, this alliance will enable us to support entrepreneurs whose business or startup contributes to either improve the quality of healthcare in Puerto Rico in an innovative way, or reduce the costs incurred in the provision of these services,” Liana Marante O’Drobinak, executive director of the MCS Foundation, says in the published announcement.    

Liana Marante O’Drobinak, executive director of the MCS Foundation and Laura Cantero, executive director of Grupo Guayacán Inc. (Courtesy)

Laura Cantero, the executive director of Grupo Guayacán, expressed appreciation, saying, “We thank the MCS Foundation for supporting two of our main programs – EnterPRize and the Guayacán Venture Accelerator. The alliance between our organizations allows us to provide world-class tools and education to those companies innovating in the healthcare sector.

“In addition, being able to formalize this alliance has a very positive effect on the business ecosystem, as it allows organizations such as the MCS Foundation to become directly involved in supporting entrepreneurs, and making resources available to them that they would not have access to otherwise. Small- and medium-sized companies are the engine of our economy. Therefore, every growing company and startup we manage to promote jointly has the potential to achieve great changes that will have a long-term impact on the island’s recovery. And that fills us with great enthusiasm.”

The MCS Foundation launched the Green for Puerto Rico campaign in October to raise funds to support projects aimed at helping the island recover after hurricanes Irma and María. The campaign raised its $1.5 million goal. Some of the organizations that have benefitted from the Green for Puerto Rico campaign include Acción Social de Puerto Rico, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, Connectrelief, and the YMCA.

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