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MCS gives $300,000 donation to repair YMCA facilities

By on February 28, 2018

SAN JUAN – As part of its “Green for Puerto Rico” campaign, insurer Medical Card System (MCS) gave a $300,000 donation to the YMCA in Puerto Rico to be used mainly to repair the damage caused by the hurricanes Irma and Maria, Jim O’Drobinak, CEO of MCS, said Wednesday.

In addition, the YMCA and MCS established an agreement that employees of the insurer, whose headquarters are located in Hato Rey’s Golden Mile financial district, may enjoy the association’s services at a 50% discount. These include a child care program as well as gym use.

O’Drobinak emphasized that the move is consistent with MCS’s priorities. “As a health plan, a good physical condition is important to us. We are in the business of keeping people healthy,” the CEO said.

Jim and Liana O’Drobinak, Cora Arse and Karen Santana (Jaime Rivera / CB)

Liana O’Drobinak, the executive director of MCS Foundation in Puerto Rico, said, “We have a lot to do. We are rebuilding Puerto Rico and this is the beginning,” referring to the foundation’s role in encouraging other corporations to join the efforts to assist the nonprofit organization’s facilities on the island.

The executive editor explained that MCS’s donation will serve to not only restore the center in San Juan, but also the facilities in Ponce. In the case of San Juan, the funds will help rehabilitate the gym and the basketball court, which flooded during Maria, damaging the wood floor. The building’s roof also sustained filtration damage that is expected to be repaired with the donation.

The O’Drobinak stressed that MCS’s contribution is not only monetary, but is also part of the bonds they want to create with organizations such as the YMCA. The MCS CEO also said the YMCA’s program “helps restore normalcy” and that “kids need normality; they need to play.”

This type of collaboration with corporations is something YMCA wants to foster, YMCA Chairwoman Karen Santana added.

“We have two goals: One is corporate, which is for more corporations to join and continue supporting the YMCA, offering services the YMCA provides to its employees; and secondly, our mission with the community, which is very important. We have a project, probably for this year, with the Martín Peña Channel [communities] in which we are seeking that companies ‘adopt’ a child. Perhaps with $1,000 we have the opportunity to bring a child from the Martín Peña Channel to practice sports here with a coach every day,” Santana explained.

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YMCA San Juan Executive Director Cora Arce added that the organization is running a scholarship program sustained primarily by donations from entities and companies.

MCS has donated nearly $5 million to charitable causes in Puerto Rico, directly or through MCS Foundation or the MCS Sponsorship Program. Besides the YMCA, previous recipients of MCS grants include the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, Caras Las Américas, Instituto Psicopedagógico de Puerto Rico, Instituto Nueva Escuela and Jóvenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo.

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