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MCS Increases Dental Rates for Medicare, Commercial Contracted Providers

By on May 5, 2020

Also announces COVID-19 Relief Fund for Dentists

SAN JUAN – Health insurer Medical Card System Inc. (MCS) has announced that, starting June 1, the company will increase the service rates it pays to its contracted dentists by an average 13% for MCS Advantage, and 24% for MCS Life.  

MCS Advantage Inc., through its MCS Classicare line, offers Medicare Advantage coverage. MCS Life Insurance Co., a subsidiary of MCS, provides commercial health plans for groups and individuals, as well as group life insurance.

In addition, MCS is offering a one-time COVID-19 Settlement Relief Fund payment to its contracted Medicare Advantage dentists.

“The amount will approximate the historical discount amounts withheld to each dentist and will be rounded up to the nearest hundred dollars, with a minimum of $500 being paid to any contracted dentist,” the company explained in a press release.

MCS is also “enhancing the compensation rate for Teledentistry and including a specific code and payment for personal protective equipment (PPE) which will also support the reopening of dental services in these times of the pandemic.” 

The company has also extended the re-credentialing process deadline until June 30.

“COVID-19 has brought major changes and challenges to the entire healthcare industry, but probably the largest financial sacrifice we have seen is in the dental provider community. We know all of our healthcare providers are making important adjustments to continue to operate and provide services to our patients. However, we are particularly aware of the great challenges severely limiting the dental community’s ability to practice these days,” said Roberto Pando, president of MCS Advantage and MCS Life.

Roberto Pando, president of MCS Advantage and MCS Life (Courtesy)

“Since the pandemic began, MCS has worked hand-in-hand with its providers and suppliers, inquiring about the needs it can help meet to fight the battle in the midst of this clinical and financial emergency,” the company said, adding that it “is always seeking to develop innovative alternatives such as offering webinars and facilitating access to economic relief programs and occupational safety education, to help any company or medical practice whose operation has been affected by the emergency to recover and resume operations.”

MCS is also establishing a Dental Advisory Board, “with selected dental professionals, to help the Company better and continuously assess the needs of the dental community and effectively continue to fulfill their needs,” the company announced.

“We appreciate the continued commitment that dentists provide to the people of Puerto Rico, especially during these challenging times. It is our hope that, with these compensation enhancements, MCS can strengthen our relationship with the valued dental provider community. MCS wants you to know that you can count on our support as your best business partner,” added Roberto Torres, the executive vice president of operations at MCS. 

The company said dental providers may access rate information by service code through MCS’s Provinet portal. For more information, providers may contact MCS at

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