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Meal Company Diet Home Celebrates 13 years

By on March 6, 2016

SAN JUAN – Diet Home Inc., a supplier of meals, is celebrating its 13 years in the San Juan metropolitan area. The company provides fresh and preservative- and additive-free meals for both sit-down customers and delivery services.

Since opening March 6, 2003, its founder and administrator, Hilda Arias, established the company’s goal: “To contribute to healthy eating with a diet concept unique in Puerto Rico, designed with a customized menu that includes FDA-approved food groups from the Food Guide Pyramid and that combines and calculates calories to offer diverse menus and programs,” Arias explained. “This commitment is the source of Diet Home’s steady success, achieved through innovation and variety of nutritious diets preferred by local consumers.”

The company offers such menu options as weight-loss diet servings based on caloric consumption; vegetarian; for high-performance athletes; gluten-free; detoxifying diets; and the Paleo diet. Meals are prepared based on the Diet Zone concept designed by Dr. Barry Sears. The diet is intended to maintain proper insulin levels to preserve an active metabolism and promote weight loss.

The programs offered by Diet Home provide three meals and two snacks for options that range from five to seven days and a 14- or 30-day program – delivered as directed by customers, from Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday.

Despite these economically challenging times, the company has continued to grow and evolve from a chef and the owner working in a 400-square-foot room to an operation that employs 25 people.

“The acceptance and success of our product encouraged us to expand the concept to include in 2010 the delivery of lunches for groups of five or more people to their workplace,” Arias added.

With a $50,000 commercial loan, the company opened a new space in 2011 called The Deli, on De Diego Avenue in Guaynabo, where it offers breakfast and lunch. Diet Home’s administrative offices are also at this address.

Arias explained that the “the visibility provided by The Deli serves both as a point of sales and as a promotional venue. It has been so successful that we had to expand the parking lot from 15 to 40 spaces.”

Following new trends in “juicing,” Diet Home joined forces with BaJuice Laboratories to incorporate cold-pressed selections. These options were so well-received that in 2015 Diet Home inaugurated a BaJuice location next to the La Concha Resort in Condado.

To commemorate its 13 anniversary, the company has released four new diet options.

“Being a leader involves maintaining excellence and strategic planning to strengthen the corporate image and simultaneously follow current trends for healthier and more specific diets required by the 2016 customer,” Arias said proudly.

The new diets include a 21-day sugar-free diet. In addition, Diet Zone developed an alternative to the conventional diet consisting of three meals and two snacks for people who lose weight through exercise and only consume lunch and dinner portions. The company will also offer an additional diet with specifications and caloric requirements for athletes. The fourth diet to be released will be the first on the island to offer raw, or  plant-based, food.

As part of the anniversary, Diet Home redesigned its website and released a new mobile application to allow customers to choose their menus from their mobile devices.

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