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Medical Tourism on the Rise; 16 more Providers Certified

By on February 15, 2016

SAN JUAN – After a year of great progress and positive results for the healthcare sector, Medical Tourism Corp. (CTM by its Spanish initials) is focusing its efforts on strengthening the quality of service as one of its strategic pillars, CTM Executive Director Francisco G. Bonet stated Monday.

“We have been working hard for the past 16 months, since the Medical Tourism Corp. was formalized, in developing a robust infrastructure and establishing vital partnerships with the private sector both locally and abroad. This has allowed us to consolidate our strategy, which focuses on three main objectives: to present the island as a destination of excellence for medical tourism; training the [healtcare] sector, raising standards and service quality; and finally, the establishment of the Concierge Center, which will strengthen and complement services to patients from abroad and which we will soon be announcing,” the CTM director explained.

Throughout last year, CTM managed to move up in the world’s medical tourism market by promoting Puerto Rico as an ideal destination for patients from abroad. Since launching its website,, in June 2015, a significant increase has been seen in inquiries from potential patients who want to learn more about certified local providers, the island’s medical specialty offering and essential information about the destination.

Using the Medical Tourism Association’s (MTA) certification program to place local healthcare providers and ancillary services in a competitive position globally is also one of CTM’s strategies. The MTA is an international nonprofit that promotes quality healthcare globally. Its program trains and certifies providers and lodging facilities in its required quality standards.

“The Medical Tourism Corp. has certified 38 healthcare providers such as hospitals, dentists, laboratories, etc., in addition to eight hotels certified by the MTA. Today [Monday] we are announcing the certification of 16 more providers, positioning Puerto Rico, in the jurisdiction outside the United States, as having the most providers and hospitals certified under the MTA in the Caribbean and Latin America,” Bonet stated.

“We strongly believe in the great potential this market has as a driver of economic development and to create thousands of jobs on the island,” the healthcare professional concluded.

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