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Medicinal cannabis dispensary opens in San Juan

By on June 19, 2017

SAN JUAN – The first dispensary in Puerto Rico’s metropolitan area dedicated to selling and shipping products derived from the cannabis plant has been inaugurated in Condado’s McLeary Avenue. The company, “b.well Healing Center,” presents itself as a therapeutic center that, apart from selling medicinal cannabis products, also offers complementary services aimed at improving patient health and quality of life.

“We understood that we should allow patients to be in a central area. This is the first dispensary that opens in the municipality of San Juan. Our commitment is with the health and well-being of the thousands of patients who have found relief for their conditions in medical cannabis,” b.well Managing Partner Carmen Serrano said.

The new dispensary and well-being center not only intends to serve patients in the metropolitan area and neighboring municipalities, but also tourists who are certified patients of medicinal cannabis so they can acquire their medicine while vacationing on the island.

Besides a dispensary, B.well Healing Center is a therapeutic center that offers complementary services aimed at improving the quality of life and health of patients. (Courtesy)

“A tourist with a medicinal cannabis license from any of the other 28 states that have regulated its use can come here, get a doctor’s authorization to validate that they have one of the 16 conditions included in the ruling and go to a dispensary to buy their medicine,” Serrano explained.

She emphasized that during this initial phase, the center doesn’t have a doctor to provide the local certification, which as established by Health Department regulations needs to be obtained by a local doctor, who can determine it the patient meets local requirements.

“Our location transforms us into the pioneer establishment in offering medicinal cannabis treatments to patients from other jurisdictions under the alternatives of medical tourism authorized by the medicinal cannabis program,” Serrano said.

Serrano assured there are several doctos in the island who are certified to prescribe cannabis products and who accept “walk-in patients” regularly, so these won’t have to subject themselves to a recertification programs while they on vacation.

B.well provides several cannabis products, such as the flower for vaporization, oils, sublingual drops, pills and edible products.

“b.well, apart from offering medicinal cannabis products, is a healing center where we will offer other related services, such as relaxation techniques, educational seminars… there is plenty of work to be done in the education area: understanding the medicine, the components, the doses. So we want to be, beyond providing the medicine, an educational and well-being center,” Serrano said.

b.well Healing Center is part of a network throughoutPuerto Rico that plans to operate 10 dispensaries in different points on the island. Serrano explained that two other dispensaries are in the construction phase, a second one in the Condado area and another in Bayamón.

“We look for locations with high a population density and to be able to take the medicine to areas where patients can access them easily,” she affirmed.

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