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Medplus Solutions celebrates 10 years Saving Lives

By on May 18, 2022

  • Innovation and continuous growth
  • Expansion of specialized and more comprehensive services in tune with the needs of patients
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San Juan, Puerto Rico – Medplus Solutions, a leading Puerto Rican company focused on providing the most advanced pharmaceutical and health services in Puerto Rico, celebrates its tenth anniversary of uninterrupted services offering innovative solutions for the benefit of the population’s health. Now, after an investment of half a million dollars, it is preparing to continue expanding the foundations established over the past ten years to help save lives by offering services and solutions that simplify, personalize and improve the care process for any patient throughout Puerto Rico. Today the company has 139 direct employees and contractors.

Medplus Solutions began in 2011 with two employees. During this the company has evolved to become the only provider on the island that has double accreditation from the prestigious ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) to offer long-term care pharmacy services, as well as specialized services. The long-term care pharmacy’s accreditation places it among 135 accredited pharmacies throughout the United States. The company also has the most advanced laboratory for the preparation of compounding formulations in the entire Caribbean. Its excellence in service has also made it possible for it to be the only pharmacy in Puerto Rico accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) for non-sterile formulations.

The range of services that Medplus Solutions has integrated during the past ten years also includes programs such as Medpak, established for drug management; Medcycle, a service aimed at achieving a better disposal of expired or unused medications; FlexRX, multidose packaging made with eco-friendly materials; Medvax, vaccination service for patients in long-term care homes; as well as Medmatch, a compounding laboratory. In accordance with their mission of saving lives along with their vision of growth, they expanded towards the needs of patients with chronic conditions, achieving the establishment of the specialized pharmacy Medplus Specialty.

During their ten years established in Puerto Rico, they have impacted more than 55,000 lives, during which time they have delivered more than 2 million medications. “Being the only dedicated and accredited long-term care pharmacy in Puerto Rico is an example of our purpose and vision to provide advanced pharmaceutical and health services in Puerto Rico. This has led us to continue innovating, adding first-class specialized services with the goal of contributing to saving lives,” said Sultan S. Yassin, PharmD, President and CEO of Medplus Solutions.

Medplus Solutions services are available throughout Puerto Rico. As part of its growth process, it plans to soon expand services to the United States. Its development plans continue with the establishment of new programs that will focus on preventive care and remote monitoring that will facilitate a better quality of life for its users.

“We know and fully understand the need for patients to receive a dedicated service that directly addresses their specialized treatment needs. This has led us to continue looking forward, seeking innovative options and resources that focus on offering them care with the highest level of clinical care under the strictest security measures and compliance with regulations. We exist to save lives,” he added.

Beyond the programs aimed at their patients, and continuing to present innovative solutions, they also gave way to administering over 10,000 vaccines against COVID-19. The works established by Medplus Solutions reinforce its position as a health company dedicated to offering solutions aimed at saving lives.

For additional information related to programs available at Medplus Solutions visit or medpluspr on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and its You Tube channel.

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