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Medtronic’s Commitment for a Better Puerto Rico

By on June 25, 2021

The company celebrated its volunteer program’s closure

Medtronic Puerto Rico recently celebrated its volunteer program’s closure at the Centro de Alternativa, Casa Ramón, where improvements and remodeling were made during the last four months. More than 100 people volunteered for the project for some 500 hours, with an investment of $50,000.

“As part of our global corporate social responsibility program, aligned with the company’s mission, Medtronic implemented Project 6 in June, which involves the work effort of volunteers, patients, and retirees to support the communities where we live and work while we contribute to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Over 1,000 volunteers dedicated their time to a better Puerto Rico with over 4,000 hours of work. We recognize the commendable work carried out by the Network for the Rights of Children and Youth, and we have said that we are here through this great effort. Our employees are our strength,” said Anthony Ruiz, the Senior Director of Finance and Philanthropy in Puerto Rico.

During the activity, the volunteers painted areas that required maintenance, collected organic material, and decorated the newly remodeled rooms. “The jobs we have done in the last four months include the remodeling of bathrooms, nursing area, bedrooms, a space for a gym and game room, the installation of air conditioning units, cleaning the court, and collecting debris,” Ruiz said.

Last February, the company donated ten computers, educational materials, and first aid equipment to the organization.

Medtronic announced community activities in July and August in the municipalities of Las Piedras and Juncos, which will benefit some 600 families. During this year, the company made donations with the Barea Foundation in Loíza and Arecibo.

The Network for Child Rights works in 32 municipalities to safeguard child and family rights, especially in violent cases. The organization defends the population to allow every minor and adult to reach its full potential.

For his part, the executive director of the Child and Youth Network of Puerto Rico, Marcos Santana Andújar, thanked the financial contribution and the work done by the Medtronic volunteers.

“In the greatest moment of uncertainty, the greatest risk, and deepest crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we found in Medtronic an ally that not only believed in our project but also decided to invest in the children and families of Juncos and surrounding towns. This collaboration will allow us to expand services, finish equipping all areas and provide more services to more families. So far, we have served 16,000 families and 117 children of 50 mothers from Juncos in the community dining room. In the coming weeks, we hope to serve more children in new areas.”

Among the organization’s services are education, training, technical assistance, child advocacy and mobilization, emergency response, partnerships, and volunteering.

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