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Mega Stores Surpass Expectations of Sales on Black Friday

By on November 25, 2016

DACO Secretary Nery Adames Soto

DACO Secretary Nery Adames Soto

Mega Stores such as Walmart, Best Buy and Macy’s surpassed expectations of sales during this Black Friday in Puerto Rico, according to what the Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO by its Spanish acronym) Nery Adames, informed Caribbean Business.

“From the sources I have and from the direct communication from Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and other stores, they say [their sales] have been superior in double digits, they have surpassed their goals,” Adames manifested in a phone interview with this newspaper.

Likewise, he indicated that a manager from Sears in Plaza Las Américas manifested to have received more people than last year, when 24 fines for infractions to the DACO rules were emitted.

For the chief of DACO, the sales this year were “a complete success” due to the event passing by without fines or violent incidents. There was an adequate inventory for consumers and these were well informed through the shopper bulletins.
He attributed the success to the meetings he maintained with the shopkeepers to strategize in maintaining control and the security of the consumers during the long lines, as well as guaranteeing that these were happy with the offerings of the stores.

These strategies were set previously and for a second consecutive year in an agreement signed by DACO, the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Wholesale Commerce.

“The organization was excellent. Outside, while the lines were formed the entrance was controlled, they sent groups of people, the areas with “hot items” were identified at the stores, in a way in which [the customers] would go with ease to the area they were interested in.” Adames expressed.

Adames insisted that this year’s Black Friday “went by in absolute normality, not just in stores but also in mega stores.”

“I would like to congratulate the citizens for their civil attitude towards the stores, for their excellent organization to make this possible and for maintaining order and for reaching the objective of establishing record sales in the reported sales volume of the stores participating in Black Friday,” he maintained.

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