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Merchandise from Florida continues to be shipped to Puerto Rico

By on September 11, 2017

SAN JUAN –Omar Marrero, the executive director of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority,   assured Monday that despite Hurricane Irma’s passage over Florida, Puerto Rico will not be deprived of merchandise that arrives from the port of Jacksonville, Fla., which includes essential items such canned food.

More shipping containers from Jacksonville are expected to arrive during the first days of the coming week with all types of merchandise on ships that are currently skirting Hurricane Irma, taking the necessary precautions or alternate routes.

Marrero said that although the arrival of certain containers could be delayed a few days, this would not represent a service interruption.

Goods were received from Jacksonville-based shippers Crowley Maritime Corp. on Saturday and Tote Maritime on Sunday.

The Old San Juan port was also reopened and received Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas cruiseship Saturday as well as Carnival Cruise line’s Fascination on Sunday morning.

Once Irma passes over Florida, an assessment of the structural condition of the Port of Jacksonville, which is on the eastern side of the state, will be made, and both Crowley and Tote have said they will take the steps necessary to ensure service to the island.

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In a statement, Puerto Rico Shipping Association President Hernán Ayala said if  Jacksonville encounters any problems providing service, Florida has adjacent ports that can be used, adding that “San Juan Bay is ready to receive all merchandise arriving not only from Florida, but also from Central and South America, China and the Pacific.”

“We believe there will be no setbacks in maritime transport. Business, consumers and supermarkets are prepared. In Puerto Rico, we have no shortage of products,” he assured.

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