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Mónica Puig Urges Travelers To Visit Puerto Rico

By on September 26, 2016

SAN JUAN – Mónica Puig, who won Puerto Rico’s first gold medal at the Rio Olympics, recently returned home to enjoy time with her family and friends as she celebrated her win. The Puerto Rico Tourism Co. (PRTC), the government’s destination marketer, says Puig also spent time working with local officials to raise awareness of protection and prevention programs to stop the spread of Zika.  

The PRTC says Puig believes Puerto Rico is “a great getaway for everyone and travelers should know the facts when planning a trip to the island.” In a release, it quotes her saying, “Zika can have serious consequences for pregnant women and those looking to get pregnant. But if you’re not pregnant or planning to have a family in the near future, come visit Puerto Rico, my home sweet home.”

Puig added, the release says, that precautionary measures are simple for visitors, “Apply insect repellent carefully and liberally and enjoy a worry free experience.”

Mónica Puig holds her Olympic gold medal. (Via Puerto Rico Tourism Co.)

Mónica Puig holds her Olympic gold medal. (Via Puerto Rico Tourism Co.)

PRTC Executive Director Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort praised Puig’s achievements as well as her involvement and echoed her sentiments about informed, worry-free travel to the island: “We couldn’t be more proud of Mónica’s achievement at the Olympics, bringing home the gold for the first time ever. And we are as equally proud of her commitment in helping us educate all about the facts not fear of Zika, urging travelers, who are not pregnant or expecting to start a family, to come experience Puerto Rico and see firsthand the island she loves.”

According to the PRTC,  it has been working with the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association, Meet Puerto Rico, the Convention Bureau and other industry partners for the implementation of an aggressive educational and preventive campaign to ensure that hotels and tourist attractions are “actively spraying to control mosquito populations, maintaining strict, preventive grounds-keeping practices, and training employees to recognize and deal with potential mosquito breeding grounds on their respective properties.”

To find out more about what the PRTC and its partners are doing to fight Zika in Puerto Rico, visit:

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