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More than $28M in Federal Healthcare Funding for Puerto Rico

By on March 24, 2016

SAN JUAN — More than $28 million in federal healthcare funds for Puerto Rico have been made available by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to provide care to island residents with HIV and AIDS, to fund community health centers in various municipalities and to support academic research, announced Thursday Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi.

Under the Ryan White program, the Puerto Rico Health Department will receive roughly $17 million for services and treatment to the more than 18,000 individuals with HIV/AIDs living on the island.

Federally-qualified community health centers, commonly known as “330 centers, in Caguas, Camuy, Cidra, Lares, Mayagüez, Patillas and San Juan will receive about $7 million to improve their quality of care.

Pierluisi noted there are about 20 such centers throughout the island, serving more than 330,000 patients and receiving roughly $40 million a year in grants from the HHS. About 70% of patients served by local community health centers are enrolled in Medicaid program, 10% under Medicare, 10% has private insurance, and the remaining 10% has no insurance, the resident commissioner explained.

Meanwhile, the University of Puerto Rico’s Medical Sciences Campus will receive more than $600,000 to conduct research on the development of vaccines against infectious diseases, neurological disorders and breast cancer.

“Puerto Rico is home to extraordinarily talented medical researchers, and these grants provide them with the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research designed to improve people’s lives,” Pierluisi stated.

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