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National League of Cities meets with Puerto Rican leaders

By on April 13, 2018

SAN JUAN — The National League of Cities (NLC), a non-partisan organization that promotes the interests of cities, officially announced Friday its offer to Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities f free membership for two years to help the island during the recovery and reconstruction after hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The NLC sent a delegation to Puerto Rico this week to meet with mayors and government officials to see the infrastructure needs and rebuilding efforts underway.

The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) said the membership, which would cost the 78 towns $285,345 a year, will help “raise the voice” at the national level.

“City leaders across Puerto Rico continuously demonstrate strength, courage and resilience,” NLC CEO and Executive Director Clarence E. Anthony said in a release Friday. “We are proud to offer NLC membership to Puerto Rican municipalities to help give them a voice in Washington and connect them to a network of city leaders throughout the country.”

NLC CEO Clarence Anthony and City of Orlando Commissioner Tony Ortiz see the damage caused by Hurricane Maria with officials from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. (Meri St. Jean/NLC)

Among the benefits the NLC explained it offers are that “the interests of Puerto Rico’s municipalities will be defended by the organization’s lobbyists in Washington, D.C.; municipal officials will be able to serve as delegates to the Congressional Cities Conference; local leaders will gain access to the Youth, Education and Family Institute; and municipalities will have access to cost-saving benefits such as Grant Access, a resource to connect cities to more than 7,000 financing opportunities.”

Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis G. Rivera Marín welcomed the group Thursday to thank them.

National League of Cities offers free membership to Puerto Rico municipalities


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