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Nearly 1,000 Puerto Rico teachers to be relocated in accordance with late enrollment

By on August 21, 2017

SAN JUAN – One week after the beginning of the school year in Puerto Rico’s public system, the Education Department has begun relocating nearly 1,000 teachers to serve 273 schools that had higher enrollment numbers than projected.

The move begins at six of the seven educational regions—San Juan, Humacao, Ponce, Caguas, Mayagüez and Bayamón—and includes kindergarten to sixth grade teachers for English, fine arts, physical education and health, according to the news release. Arecibo region relocations will start soon, it added.

The first to be transferred are temporary teachers, according to the needs required in the aforementioned schools. However, there is a possibility that regular teachers could also be relocated.

Puerto Rico education secretary says late enrollment led to resource assignment problem

Education Secretary Julia Keleher said the transfers were “not what would have been expected,” but “her commitment with the children leads her to place resources where needed.”

At least 824 schools saw a lower enrollment than projected. Only 16 schools registered the projected number of students.

Call for substitute teachers

The Education Department also announced that between Friday, Aug. 25, and Monday, Aug. 28, there will be a call to create a bank of substitute teachers, which can be accessed at the department’s website.

Eligibility depends on having taught as a temporary teacher during the last school year and not having been rehired. Teachers who retired in the past five years may also be eligible.

People who qualify will receive a notification between Aug. 29 and 30 along with a drug-testing form and the other required documents.

“We have been creating different databases that didn’t exist and are essential to be able to transform and manage the system effectively. This process has allowed us to build on processes, using technology, to be as efficient as we can be, for the well-being of students and the entire academic community in general. Among them, the Employee Portal is one of the many tools we will be making available to all to transform the Education Department accordingly,” Keleher said in a written statement.

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