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Nearly One-Third Say They Do Not Drink Cocktails

By on September 3, 2017

Editor’s note: The following article originally appeared in the August 31 print edition of Caribbean Business.

SAN JUAN — About 68% of adult respondents in Puerto Rico say they never consume alcoholic cocktail drinks, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. However, among those who do consume these beverages, most (48%) say they consume them sometimes, 32% say they almost never drink them, 13% most of the time and 7% say they always drink cocktails.


“We asked respondents which cocktail drinks they know how to prepare; the result was that the most popular drink is the piña colada. This makes sense considering the piña colada [made with rum, coconut cream or milk and pineapple juice] has been declared the island’s national drink since 1978. This cocktail has been part of Puerto Rico’s culture for years, and a total of 65% of respondents say they know how to prepare it,” said Melanie Dederick, a client service associate at Gaither International.

“Having been created in Puerto Rico, this drink has been part of many a childhood, since many Puerto Rican children have grown up drinking the sweet, nonalcoholic version of this cocktail. The cocktail is also recognized internationally, as it is an International Bartenders Association official cocktail,” she said.

Other famous cocktail drinks that respondents mentioned were the Cuba Libre, or rum and Coke (44%); sangría, made with wine, fruit juice and chopped fruit (27%); and the mojito, made with rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint (22%). This list was followed by the margarita (16%), whiskey sour (12%), madras (5%), gin & tonic (3%), mimosa (3%), Long Island iced tea (3%), cosmopolitan (2%), martini (2%) and the old fashioned (1%).

Gaither said 5% of respondents indicated they know how to prepare all these drinks.

About 66% of people interviewed said they do not know how to prepare any cocktails. However, 25% of poll respondents said they would be interested in learning how to prepare these and other cocktails. This interest in learning is reflected about the same among the male and female genders, but it is largely overrepresented in the High- and Middle-lifestyle tiers and the 18-to-34 age group, Dederick indicated.

According to previous Gaither polls, the preferred beverages among local residents are beer, sangría, rum and wine (in that order).

The results were measured via Gaither International’s Ongoing Omnibus tool, which takes advantage of its Media Brand Profile’s representative sample. In this case, interviews were conducted during July from among a representative sample of adults 18 and older.

Polling is conducted by Gaither International and results are reported exclusively by Caribbean Business.

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