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Nelipak expands its Humacao operations

By on November 19, 2018

SAN JUAN – Manuel Laboy, the secretary of Puerto Rico’s Economic Development and Commerce Department (DDEC by its Spanish acronym), announced the expansion of Nelipak Puerto Rico Inc., following an investment in construction, machinery and equipment, which will create 50 jobs.

Rhode Island-based Nelipak Corp., doing business as Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, serves medical device and pharmaceutical sectors with its thermoformed packaging products.

“The expansion, carried out in the Humacao Industrial Park, covers an area of 67,250 square feet. Recently, the installation was renewed to receive equipment from the facility in Juncos, which was consolidated in Humacao. It has a Control Room and a Class 8 Clean Room,” explained José Villafañe, operations director in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica of Nelipak Puerto Inc.

Nelipak employs about 750 people in the United States, the Netherlands, Ireland and Costa Rica. In Puerto Rico, it currently employs about 65 workers.

“We have invested significantly in Puerto Rico, due to the proximity with our clients, the quality of the workforce and the commitment of the Industrial Development Company. We are committed to maintaining a strong presence in Puerto Rico, in support of our global clients,” Mike Kelly, president and CEO of Nelipak, said in DDEC’s release.

“Each company that expands operations that generate employment opportunities for our working force represents new hopes to continue the path toward the economic development of Puerto Rico,” Laboy Rivera said.


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