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New Group Seeks Banning Unauthorized Drone Recordings

By on May 7, 2016

SAN JUAN – Given what they consider “alarming news that unscrupulous people are using drones to spy and take pictures and videos without authorization,” a group of citizens requested Saturday prompt passage of legislation to protect people’s privacy.

The group, known as “Sí al PC 2294,” or “Yes to HB 2294,” wants the House of Representatives to approve a bill, authored by Rep. José Aponte, that would create the “Law to limit the use of images captured by unmanned aircraft.”

Any person harmed as a result of the use of these devices, under provisions of HB 2294, may have a civil cause of action against the person, entity or state agency that committed the act.

“The measure is vital to defend the right to privacy in today’s Puerto Rico,” the group’s spokesman, Jorge Pagán, said.


A drone equipped with a digital camera.

The request came about after a report Saturday morning that a person residing in the Condado area denounced that a drone prowled around her apartment.

On Friday, Tamarita Maldonado wrote on Facebook, “In the afternoon of May 3, I was dining in the privacy of my home when my husband realized there was a drone recording us inside our apartment.”

“We urge all citizens who believe in the right to privacy, especially in our homes, to go to our Facebook page (Sí al PC 2294), and join this cause. We must send a clear and strong message to lawmakers that this bill needs to be approved before this session ends June 30,” Pagán said.

The activist added he would write a letter to House Speaker Jaime Perelló to move the legislation.

The bill has not moved past its first reading since it was filed Jan. 26, 2015. “This means it has not been given the importance it requires. We will not allow stories like those reported today, which there are many more of than those that have come to light, to continue without the government having taken concrete action,” the spokesman said.

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