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New Progressive Party Wins 33 of 78 Municipalities

By on November 9, 2016

NPP Secretary-General William Villafañe talks animatedly with former Bayamón governor Ramón Luis Rivera, Sr. in the party's headquarters. (Giovanna Garofalo/CB)

NPP Secretary-General William Villafañe and former Bayamón Gov. Ramón Luis Rivera Sr. at party headquarters Tuesday. (Giovanna Garofalo/CB)

SAN JUAN — The New Progressive Party (NPP) won Tuesday night 33 out of the island’s 78 municipalities, recovering three city halls along the way, losing two, and leaving a third in suspense as of press time.

NPP Secretary-General, William Villafañe, said the party lost the mayoral seats of Loíza, Morovis, and as of this writing, Vega Baja fluxuated. Meanwhile, the NPP won Las Marías, Cataño and Aguas Buenas.

“In total, the NPP has 33 out of 78 municipalities and this is because voters can vote for the party down the ballot and mixed in another. In the past elections, despite [former Puerto Rico Gov.] Luis Fortuño losing by about 11,000 votes, mayoral seats were lost by 81,000 votes,” he said.

The NPP official noted that although he doesn’t know the net results, this type of development, that of winning the gubernatorial race and losing mayoral races, takes place because in municipalities, voters cast their vote outside of party lines.

“We must remember that the mayor receives funds outside of his party because they are in direct contact with the community and tend to have the support beyond party boundaries. The mayor doesn’t have a hand in public policy or political status, it’s more about addressing the problems of the communities and that’s why this phenomenon takes place,” Villafañe explained.

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