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Nonfarm Job Numbers Decrease Slightly in 2015

By on January 27, 2016

SAN JUAN – The year 2015 ended with 910,500 nonfarm jobs, a slight decrease of 1,700, according to a report from the Labor and Human Resources Department issued by the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute.

“Nonfarm payroll in Puerto Rico, adjusted seasonally, was 910,500 in December 2015. Compared with November 2015, nonfarm payroll reflected a decrease of 1,700,” the document states.

According to the report, the sectors that registered drops in employment were commerce, transportation and utilities (1,700); professional and commercial services (500); manufacturing (200); health and educational services (100), and recreation and lodging (100).

Meanwhile the sectors that reflected job growth were government (500); and mining, logging and construction (400). The sectors of finance and other services remained the same when compared with the previous month.

Compared with December 2014, (908,200), in 2015 salaried employment reflected an increase of 2,300 people. The sectors that registered growth were health and educational services (3,900); commerce, transportation and utilities (2,700); recreation and lodging (2,000); government (700); and professional and commercial services (100). The sectors that registered a decrease include mining, logging and construction (4,600); manufacturing (1,900); finance (400) and other services (300).

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