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NPP Accuses Bernier of Keeping People Linked to Anaudi Hernández in Campaign

By on November 2, 2016


NPP Secretary-General William Villafañe

SAN JUAN — The secretary-general of the New Progressive Party (NPP), William Villafañe, accused Popular Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate David Bernier of having various individuals in his campaign who are linked to Anaudi Hernández, a convicted former PDP fundraiser, and who allegedly participated in a campaign financing corruption scheme during the previous elections.

Villafañe, who made the accusations Tuesday at the NPP headquarters in San Juan, said that Bernier has the support of Johnny Crespo and Pedro Ortiz Álvarez, both of whom are mentioned in the federal court as participants in a pyramid scheme that injected thousands of dollars to the campaign of current Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla during the last weeks before the 2012 elections, according to Hernández.

“We have seen that David Bernier has shown no shame in including Crespo and the law firm of Ortiz Álvarez to his campaign, [despite] both being mentioned in Anaudi’s pyramid scheme. We now see that [Bernier] now coordinates events with Crespo. During the last few weeks, Bernier’s fundraising has been carried out in cash through radio marathons, to the point that now Bernier’s campaign has raised more cash than the rest of the other candidates,” Villafañe said.

The NPP general secretary indicated that the pyramid scheme that Anaudi described in federal court, which consisted in raising large amounts of money “apparently continues in the PDP,” but in this instance, to favor Bernier.

“David Bernier, just like García Padilla, employs in his campaign the same people that Anaudi Hernández has identified as the architects behind the corruption scheme to gain access to government contracts,” he indicated.

Villafañe said that Ortiz Álvarez’s law firm obtained multi-million dollar contracts under the García Padilla administration, adding that Ortiz Álvarez and his wife have donated more than $77,000 to PDP candidates, among them Bernier.

“Bernier is not only tolerant and weak when it comes to corruption, such as when he kept [ousted House speaker] Jaime Perelló in the PDP ballot, he also pretends to mislead the people every time he opens the door to people linked to corruption into his campaign,” said the NPP general secretary.


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