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NPP Announces it Has Received Over 19,000 Mail-In Votes

By on October 24, 2020

More than 100,000 Ballots Requested

SAN JUAN — The Absent and Advanced Vote Administrative Board (JAVA by its Spanish initials) received, as of Friday morning, some 19,260 advanced voting ballots that will be tallied before Election Day and the results of which will be divulged Nov. 3

New Progressive Party (NPP) Electoral Commissioner Héctor Joaquín Sánchez Álvarez said this was a positive sign as voters are sending their ballots two weeks before the general election takes place.

“This is extremely positive because it means that voters are acting quickly and understand the importance of voting and sending back the ballot fast so these can be counted before Nov. 3,” Sánchez Álvarez said in a press release. “The NPP counts on the majority of the advanced vote, more than 70 percent, and that is why we have taken on the task of informing, educating, and being very proactive in the organization and mobilization, as well as having all the officials needed.”

The election commissioner indicated that all the briefcases were prepared Thursday and on Friday morning trucks left for the Permanent Inscription Board (JIP by its Spanish initials). These trucks contain the materials to be used in the advanced home vote that began Saturday, Oct. 24. 

“The NPP has 100 percent of the observers who will participate in the home-voting process and we have all the officials who will work on the advanced home vote on the 4,683 different routes to cover the 105,373 home votes that have been requested,” he added. “Another positive issue is that the State Elections Commission [CEE by its Spanish initials] received the approval from the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB) to provide a stipend to officials for transportation related expenses.” 

Sánchez Álvarez noted that the advanced home vote kicked off Saturday at 8 a.m. and it’s important for those citizens who requested to cast their votes from their home to physically be at their residences or they will have to go to their polling school on Nov. 3.

“We continue working as a team and on time, complying with the work plan proposed by the NPP,” he stated. “The work carried out at JAVA has been effective and balanced. The advanced mail vote is already being received and the advanced home vote is on its way. We trust that the people will have the guarantee of an orderly, on time and trustworthy election.”

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