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NPP brands “foolish” complaint for fraud in Capitol’s superintendence

By on October 9, 2016

SAN JUAN – New Progressive Party (NPP) resident commissioner candidate Jennifer González said Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Rep. Luis Vega Ramos’ complaint, filed Saturday, is and act of “desperation” and “political spectacle.”

“It is evident there are 29 days remaining for an election and in the PDP they get desperate when such little time remains. The people are very clear. This is so clearly a purely political event, that I haven’t even been cited to testify,  that tells you that it is mere political spectacle,” said González during a press conference held Sunday, in which she revealed her plan to attend the needs of veterans on the island.

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NPP Resident Commissioner candidate Jenniffer González dismissed as "foolish" PDP Rep. Luis Vega Ramos' accusations that she partook in a corruption scheme. (CB / Agustín Criollo)

NPP Resident Commissioner candidate Jenniffer González dismissed as “foolish” PDP Rep. Luis Vega Ramos’ accusations that she partook in a corruption scheme. (CB / Agustín Criollo)

“The Comptroller (Yesmin Valdivieso) has been clear and evident, disassociating me from any issue […] It is a report that has been around for three years…three years, but 29 days prior to the elections, [Vega Ramos], who has evidently had many problems with his party, likes to be the spokesman for foolishness,” maintained the former House Speaker.

Vega Ramos informed yesterday he filed a complaint against González, in relation to her alleged participation and responsibility in the $29 million corruption scheme in the Capitol’s superintendence, and he tried to involve former Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, also from the NPP.

According to Vega Ramos, the complaint must be attended next week by the House’s Ethics Committee because it was filed before the 30 days leading to the general elections.

The legislator claimed González benefitted from donations from the contractor implied in the scheme, apart from improvements made to her office. The report from the Comptroller’s Office that unveiled the fraud scheme involved 16 public officials from the Capitol’s superintendence, as well as then-Superintendent, Eliezer Velázquez Quiles as the group’s leader.

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For his part, NPP General Secretary Willian Villafañe also deemed Vega Ramos’ accusations as frivolous and foolish.

“[Vega Ramos] is the spokesperson for foolishness from the most erratic political campaign remembered in Puerto Rico. The response to the desperate complaint that Luis Vega Ramos presented against Jenniffer González is found in the very own report by the Comptroller’s Office, which confirmed that both the past House  speaker, as well as the past Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, have no responsibility whatsoever with the case referenced by the PDP’s spokesperson for foolishness,” expressed Villafañe.

The NPP General Secretary added: “if Luis Vega wants to talk about complaints, I encourage him to talk to [PDP President and gubernatorial candidate] David Bernier and study the complaint drafts the NPP sent him three weeks ago, in which we defined how they must remove Jaime Perelló from the electoral ballot, and other PDP legislative candidates linked to the corruption scheme from its fundraiser Anaudi Hernández.”

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