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NPP politician demands Yulín explain her involvement in Anaudi case

By on August 25, 2016

SAN JUAN (INS)— Víctor Parés Otero, candidate Representative for the New Progressive Party (NPP) in San Juan, branded as “unacceptable” San Juan’s mayor Carmen Yulín’s silence regarding the remarks uncovered on the first day of Anaudi Hernández’s trial, which suggests her participation in the corruption scandal.

According to Parés Otero, Yulín and other members of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) have remained frugal in their commentary about the case, claiming that “in the few instances in which [Yulín] has said anything about the case, it has been to defend House Speaker Jaime Perelló.”

Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto 2

Víctor Parés Otero questioned Carmen Yulín’s “silence” after her alleged involvement in the Anaudi Hernández corruption scandal. (Archive)

The pro-statehood politician added that “even though it’s been known from the first day that [Yulín] was among the PDP leaders who received money from Anaudi Hernández, her silence was deafening, and it raised doubts about whether there was something more than just a few donations, just as confirmed yesterday on the first day of trial.”

The first witness in the trial, Héctor Vargas Otero, revealed that the San Juan mayor had not only benefited from the donations, but also went to Hernández’s house in Aguadilla to collect them.

Under the insinuation of Yulín’s deeper involvement in Perelló’s fundraising activities, as deducted from Héctor Vargas Soto’s testimony, Parés Otero demands “Cruz Soto to explain clearly the level of friendship and trust between [Yulín] and the federal convict.”

“We’re not just talking about speculations anymore, but information poured under oath in a trial for corruption in the Federal Court from a witness that has already declared guilty, who has nothing to lose, and who benefits from telling the truth,” he elaborated.

Parés Otero reminded that “Anaudi Hernández’s mansion in Aguadilla, to which Carmen Yulín attended to receive donations, was one of the properties confiscated by federal authorities for being acquired with dirty money.”

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