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NPP Electoral Commissioner Arrested for Allegedly Blocking Votes

By on June 5, 2016

SAN JUAN — An incident took place at a public school in Corozal Sunday morning, when two individuals associated with the New Progressive Party (NPP) and linked to the camp of gubernatorial pre-candidate Ricardo Rosselló, were arrested after allegedly trying to block officials supporting Rosselló’s primary rival, Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, from entering the voting station.

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Among the arrested is Héctor Berríos, who is the NPP electoral commissioner for Corozal, as well as the vice president of the municipality’s Permanent Registration Board. The other person arrested is Georgina Isabel González Oller, police said. They have both been charged with misdemeanors for violations of the electoral law, specifically for blocking the voting process.

Police added that more arrests, up to a dozen more, may take place throughout the day related to the incident, in which officials allegedly tried to block a candidate for district representative, Joyce Negrón, from voting. Negrón, a Pierluisi supporter is running in the 28th representative district against Rafael “June” Rivera, who supports Rosselló.

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