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NPP Lawmaker Lauds Rosselló’s Economic Plan

By on February 24, 2016

SAN JUAN — New Progressive Party (NPP) Rep. Carlos “Johnny” Méndez said Wednesday that it is essential for Puerto Rico to set public policy that promotes investment and raises the island’s competitiveness to a global level.

“Puerto Rico is going through the worst fiscal and economic crisis in its modern history and the only thing the current administration has succeeded in doing is making it worse,” said Méndez, who is the alternate spokesperson for the NPP in the House.

According to the representative, the key to getting Puerto Rico out of its crisis is not choking the working class with an avalanche of taxes, but rather establishing initiatives to attract investment to the island, promoting a robust entrepreneurial culture and facilitating job creation.

Méndez supported the “Puerto Rico Open for Business” proposal presented last week by NPP gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló. He said “it sets as a priority promoting investment in Puerto Rico, facilitating the permit process, maximizing the use of technology, reducing taxes and stimulating the development of small and medium businesses and emergent companies.”

The legislator also believes that it is important to put in place a strategy of promotion of investment to attract more capital to the island.

“The crisis brings us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We cannot place all our hopes in a rescue from the federal government that may or may not happen, and have the remedy be worse than the disease,” stated Méndez in a press release.

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