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NPP Majority Leader Promises to Address Every Measure

By on November 15, 2016

SAN JUAN – The recently appointed New Progressive Party (NPP) House Majority Leader and next Rules and Calendar Committee President Gabriel Rodríguez Aviló, assured Monday that every measure ready for voting will be addressed.


P.R. House of Representatives / File

“I will work along with the president [Carlos “Johnny” Méndez], who in the past was the president of the Rules and Calendar Committee when I was the body’s vice president, and many times back then we regretted stalled bills, hoping the majority leader was ready to place it on the calendar. I assure you that will not happen here. We will work in coordination with the president and committees’ presidents,” Rodríguez Aviló said.

The designated NPP majority leader assured he would serve in his post actively.

“I will be a highly active majority leader who won’t wait for bills to arrive to the committee, but instead we will work with committee presidents so these measures are in the hands of the majority leader and then on the calendar to be approved. This is a matter of agility and efficiency in the commission. Waiting for measures and reports is a thing of the past. I assure the people they will have an efficient House that will be…approving legislation to move Puerto Rico forward,” Rodríguez Aviló said.

For his part, Méndez, the new House president come January, said the NPP majority leader’s responsibility will be to assure every measure taken to the lower chamber for his approval fulfills three criteria: be constitutional; supported by the Justice Department; and if the bill has a fiscal impact, the Office of Management & Budget must certify the availability of funds.

“This House of Representatives that ends Dec. 31 was irresponsible when it abolished that law that enforced strict fiscal control. No wonder we have a financial crisis today when legislation was approved without the availability of funds to comply with that legislation,” the new House speaker stressed.

Méndez informed this week he will continue naming committee presidents.


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