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NPP Rep Accuses Bernier of Lacking a ‘Real’ Plan for Closed Schools

By on October 13, 2016

SAN JUAN — New Progressive Party (NPP) Rep. Urayoán Hernández Alvarado criticized Popular Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate David Bernier for lacking an “original and viable” plan to deal with the dozens of public schools in disuse.

“We have been consistent about this matter since 2014, when the Education Department spent millions of dollars from public funds so Boston Consulting would tell them how many schools they had to close,” he said, adding that the Education Department has “failed abysmally” in producing a course of action to address the “crisis” of closed schools.

PDP President and gubernatorial candidate David Bernier

PDP President and gubernatorial candidate David Bernier (CB / File)

“Nowadays many of those schools have turned into user hideouts for people addicted to controlled substances,” the NPP spokesman for the Agriculture Committee said.

The legislator believes Bernier is “too late” to talk about this issue, accusing the PDP president of not addressing the problem when he was secretary of State, and implying Bernier took cues from the NPP’s proposals. “His proposals aren’t new at all, in fact, they are almost a copy of our government platform’s measures,” he said.

Hernández Alvarado said that the NPP platform has a detailed plan to transfer the abandoned buildings to municipalities and nonprofit organizations and use them to promote the creation of social work seminars and workshops.

The NPP representative said Bernier lacks a “concrete mission” about what to do after the school transferals, and of not approaching the issue with “the seriousness it deserves.”

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