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NPP Rep: Bernier “has disdain for our people”

By on September 24, 2016

SAN JUAN – Rep. Lourdes Ramos scrutinized Popular Democratic Party (PDP) president and gubernatorial candidate David Bernier for not interfering in the island’s energy crisis during a blackout caused by an explosion in the Aguirre central power plant, claiming his politics contributed to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (Prepa) lack of proper infrastructure.

Ramos claimed that Bernier’s declarations, in which “he tries to disassociate himself from the failed energy policy of the administration in which he was second-in-command, evidence his utter disdain for the hundreds of thousands of homes that suffered the power outage as consequence to the lack of critical Prepa infrastructure maintenance during the past four years.”

(CB / File)

(CB / File)

The New Progressive Party (NPP) legislator criticized Bernier for “not acting on behalf of the government,” alleging he “doesn’t care about the suffering of those who still don’t have electric energy.”

Upon the PDP president’s support of private investments in the public energy corporation, Ramos insisted he didn’t “encourage that investment while he served as the government’s second-in-command. He didn’t do anything.”

The pro-statehood representative noted that “Bernier was designated by executive order to promote and supervise projects in the form of public-private partnerships when he was Secretary of State. When he had the opportunity to promote private investment in Prepa, he didn’t.”

The PDP gubernatorial candidate expressed on Sept. 23, two days after the power failure, that the explanations were “unacceptable, because this event should have been foreseeable.”

He then emphasized the necessity of “a negotiation with Prepa creditors so once electric-energy generation is placed on private hands, the public corporation can be released from the economic and managerial tare represented by the contract with AlixPartners, negotiating that the corporation’s released capital be used along private capital in necessary investment for the authority’s infrastructure revitalization, and maintenance upkeep.”

However, Ramos insisted Bernier’s statement constitutes “a lack of respect to Puerto Rico,” adding her party’s gubernatorial candidate, Ricardo Rosselló, had presented similar energy reforms over a year ago.

“When hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans see Bernier caravanning today, they will see a candidate who, instead of respecting the people’s suffering, celebrates it in an unfortunate attitude of disdain to our people’s intelligence and tolerance,” she concluded.

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