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NPP Rep. Demands Medicaid Fund Parity to Consider Fiscal Board Suggestions

By on January 29, 2017

SAN JUAN — The Fiscal Oversight & Management Board’s suggestion to limit health services isn’t an option without Medicaid fund parity, assured House Government Commission President Jorge “Georgie” Navarro.

Among the ideas to reduce expenses in health services, the Board mentioned Saturday to reduce the number of visits in emergency rooms and hospital stays, and restrict access to some medicine. In addition, the federal entity stated it is possible to increase copayment of deductibles.

House Government Commission President Jorge "Georgie" Navarro (File Photo)

House Government Commission President Jorge “Georgie” Navarro (File Photo)

“The people’s health is sacred. We don’t see how the Board can suggest these dramatic cuts without Congress authorizing Medicaid fund parity for Puerto Rico. Simply, there is now way to implement these drastic cuts, because the past administration spent much more than it should have from Obamacare funds,” said Navarro.

According to the New Progressive Party (NPP) representative, the errors from Alejandro García Padilla’s administration shouldn’t fall on the people, as he noted that the Fiscal Board’s recommendations don’t take into account Puerto Rico’s current situation.

“This new government, of transparency and efficiency, is doing everything it can to defend the most vulnerable. These recommendations from the board regarding public health are not in tune to Puerto Rico’s reality,” he denounced.

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Suggestions to reduce government expenses in the Health Reform, more commonly known as Mi Salud, came from board member Ana J. Matosantos during the organism’s meeting held Saturday at El Conquistador hotel in Fajardo.

Navarro said that the board is looking for a new way to make public policy in the island, which he deemed positive. However, he indicated that its health suggestions are unwise, since they would affect over 1.6 million Puerto Ricans.

“We must raise awareness over the recommended cuts without fund parity first… Without this parity it is impossible to make the budget cuts the board is requesting without affecting people,” the legislator affirmed.

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