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NPP Senatorial Candidate Sends Letter to Puerto Rico Economic Task Force

By on October 10, 2016

Miguel Romero (Screenshot of @Miguel_Romero_)

Miguel Romero (Screenshot of @Miguel_Romero_)

SAN JUAN – Miguel Romero, a senatorial candidate for the district of San Juan, announced Monday that he sent the members of the Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth for Puerto Rico a list of seven issues to consider.

“The federal government can do much to stimulate the development of island infrastructure, which is an important engine for economic development,” the former chief of staff told the task force, adding that the group “can analyze how to speed up the regulatory processes of the federal government responsible for approving projects on the island so these aren’t an obstacle to the economic recovery that our island needs.”

“I aspire to work in a constructive manner with the task force to enact bipartisan legislation and push bills and executive actions at the federal level that return Puerto Rico to fiscal solvency, prosperity and political sovereignty through statehood,” Romero wrote in his letter to the task force.

In a statement issued Monday, Romero, who is also a former Labor Department secretary brought up what he believes the task force should consider before submitting its report in December.

For Romero, these include investment in aqueduct and sewer infrastructure as well as road projects; improving access to low-interest capital to promote economic activity; avoiding excessive procedures in the permitting process; creating a property exchange system that allows for reinvesting local capital in Puerto Rico through incentives; supporting crime prevention strategies through coordinated work between local and federal authorities; and redoubling efforts to fight government corruption to stimulate and promote transparency, sending the message that Puerto Rico is a jurisdiction where law and order reign, he said.

Romero also emphasized the island’s political sovereignty and statehood as a way to achieve economic stability, and urged task force members to address civil rights issues he says are affecting socioeconomic development.

“It is critical that the task force considers this matter while it makes recommendations to renew the economy. Statehood would stimulate the trust needed to advance the local economy, boost tourism, and encourage domestic and foreign investment. It would address many of the inequities and disadvantages that Puerto Rico’s economy has compared with states of the Union, including Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and access to the earned income tax credit,” Romero said.


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