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NPP’s Campaign Director Blasts PDP Candidate for Governor’s Comments on Fiscal Control Board

By on July 6, 2016


The New Progressive Party’s (NPP) campaign director Elias Sánchez said today that comments by the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate for governor David Bernier regarding the federal fiscal control board “evidence his administrative incapability to govern.”

“David Bernier siad this morning on TV that he understands that the fiscal control board should remain functioning for a period between eight to ten years. The law that creates the board states that its permanence will depend, among other considerations, on that the government of Puerto Rico is able to maintain at least four consecutive budgets without deficits and duly balanced. Bernier’s declarations are proof on his part that he could not fulfill with the presentation and administration under those conditions,” said Sánchez.

Sánchez, who heads the campaign for the NPP’s candidate for governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, said “this week Bernier not only admitted his incapacity to administer the government’s budget, but also said on the radio that under his term as governor Puerto Rico would remain a Commonwealth for many years to come, thus extending the colonial crisis of our people.”

“It is surprising the frankness with which David Bernier expresses himself in interviews press about anticipating not being able to maintain for a four year term the administration of a balanced budget, and also that he aspires to maintain the Commonwelath for many years to come,” he said.

According to Sánchez “with these expression Bernier himself assumes the candidacy of immobilism in regards to Puerto Rico’s political status and the continuation of the colonial crisis that is affecting the quality of life of Puerto Ricans.”

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