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Opposition accuses Rosselló of siding with Oversight Board

By on March 13, 2017

SAN JUAN – Minority legislators expressed their repudiation Monday over the agreement reached by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and the Fiscal Oversight & Management Board, whose measures will have a considerable impact on the Puerto Rican government’s operations.

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz denounced that the governor took sides with the fiscal entity to set forth a path that will be detrimental to Puerto Ricans’ quality of life.

PDP Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz poses a question to the Fiscal Oversight & Management Board during its meeting in New York. (Screenshot)

PDP Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz asks the Fiscal Oversight & Management Board a question during its meeting in New York. (Screenshot)

“Just as we predicted, the board and Gov. Rosselló presented the same plan. A plan that directly impacts the whole country. They united to propose measures that will affect the quality of life of 1.6 million people insured by the government’s health plan, 60,000 students from the University of Puerto Rico, 175,000 public workers, and nearly 130,000 pensioners,” the PDP legislator said in a written statement.

For his part, Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Rep. Denis Márquez stated that since the board’s conception, his party has insisted that the fiscal entity’s agenda is contrary to the public and citizens’ interests.

“Now, with the approval of the government’s fiscal plan, not only is there room to greatly jeopardize the working class, our senior citizens and our youth, but also, the Rosselló administration’s total submission and collaboration is out in the open,” he said. Márquez accused the administration of a “frustrated attempt to comply with the board’s proposals and the people’s demands.”

The pro-independence legislator stressed that “before this evident collusion, the country’s response must be public confrontation, affirming and voting for our national sovereignty” in the June 11 political-status plebiscite, in which voters will choose between “statehood” and “free association/independence.”

Márquez emphasized that the federal Promesa law and the board it created is a result “of the Commonwealth’s current system of political inferiority, which has allowed an unelected federal entity to rule over Puerto Rico.”

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