Friday, December 3, 2021

Organizations Urge Energy Bureau to Cancel LUMA’s Contract

By on June 16, 2021

Organizations aligned with the environmental coalition Queremos Sol presented before the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau an urgent request to address the service problems of LUMA Energy, the private operator that took control of the distribution and transmission system of Puerto Rico’s power grid.

In a press release, the organizations say that LUMA “is not prepared to assume the critical responsibility for which it was hired,” and they urged the Government of Puerto Rico to cancel the company’s contract. 

“In two weeks, LUMA has shown that it does not have the capacity, the interest, or the will to offer the people a quality service,” said engineer Ingrid M. Vila Biaggi, president of CAMBIO, one of 10 organizations that signed the petition.

“This contract is a setback for the transformation of the energy sector that Puerto Rico needs. The government, including the Energy Bureau to whom we are writing, cannot sit idly by in the face of a poor and non-transparent operation, which costs us hundreds of millions of dollars. The contract must be canceled”, she added.

In the document, the organizations requested the reversal of the law that facilitated transferring thousands of experienced Prepa employees to Government agencies, “and that today leaves us with an unreliable service that puts life and property of everyone in Puerto Rico at greater risk.”

Environmental organizations have criticized LUMA for not having sufficient personnel to operate the system since Prepa employees were asked to resign from their posts to be hired by the company. A significant number of public employees, including lineworkers, were transferred to government agencies as a result.

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