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Over 750 COVID-19 cases registered in Puerto Rico

By on August 24, 2020

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No new deaths reported to Health Department

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s Department of Health did not report any new deaths deaths from COVID-19; however, an additional 442 confirmed and 311 probable cases were registered.

The epidemic has taken at least 390 lives on the island, where 13,922 cases have been confirmed to date.

“The total was adjusted to add three cases: one with a sampling date of July 23 and two with a sampling date of July 27. Of that total, 7,313 are women and 6,609 are men. The cases reported are those that have a positive PCR test, with a sample collection date of August 12-21,” the Health Department said.

The new case report includes 311 additional probable cases—ones that have not been confirmed by diagnostic, or PCR tests—from samples dated Aug. 13 to 21.

The total number of probable cases to date is 16,696, “after being adjusted, by subtracting 42 cases that had later had a positive molecular test, and were added to the cases registered as part of this report,” the department said. “On the other hand, eight cases were added with sampling dates from June 27 to August 6. Probable cases are divided into 9,198 women and 7,498 men.”

Summary of the Department of Health report:

Additional confirmed cases: 442
Total confirmed cases: 13,922

Additional probable cases: 311
Total probable cases: 16,696

Additional confirmed deaths: 0
Total confirmed deaths: 251

Additional probable deaths: 0
Total Probable Deaths: 139

Total reported deaths: 390

For more information, visit the Health Department’s website at

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