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P.R. Treasury announces $20 million in tax refunds

By on June 1, 2017

Puerto Rico Treasury Secretary Raúl Maldonado Gautier said his department will pay $20 million in reimbursements Thursday. (Juan J. Rodríguez/CB)

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Treasury Secretary Raúl Maldonado Gautier announced Thursday that $20 million in tax reimbursements would be sent out immediately.

“Throughout the day, we will send $20 million in refunds. With this disbursement, the amount of paid refunds corresponding to 2016, reaches $110 million. Our commitment is to give responsible taxpayers the money that belongs to them,” the official said in a written statement.

Maldonado Gautier added that the government administration has disbursed more than $24.3 million from previous years, and more than $28.3 million in payments for senior citizens’ credit, and the Compensatory Credit for Low Income Pensioners (senior bonus).

Since April 3, the Treasury Department has paid $6 million to $10 million in refunds weekly. Throughout June it will pay $35 million, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said during his message on the budget Wednesday in the legislative assembly.

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