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Parched Job Market in Covid-19 World

By on September 17, 2020

Coronavirus Crisis Reshapes Business Realm

Editor’s note: This report first appeared in the Sept. 17-23, 2020, issue of Caribbean Business.

As a result of the government lockdown and other social distancing measures to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses, employees and consumers have had their routines upended. This has meant an increase in remote work as well as the use of online tools, which although happening at a quicker pace than had been projected, was the direction where experts believed businesses and consumption were headed.  

However, while some businesses and employees can reap the benefits of remote work, experts in several fields have indicated that the pre-Covid trend was a broad move toward remote work. The people interviewed for this article argued that an analysis was needed to distinguish what was happening because of the special circumstances created by the pandemic and which businesses and consumer behaviors would remain long-term. 

Hard to establish 

Before getting locked in to specific conclusions, the economist and professor at the University of Puerto Rico’s Cayey Campus, José Caraballo Cueto, argued that how the economy develops after Covid-19 remains to be seen and stressed that government and private institutions need to collect the relevant economic data. 

While there have been surveys conducted by the federal government and certain private and nonprofit organizations on how remote work was affecting the workplace, the studies have only utilized stateside respondents, leaving people in Puerto Rico to discern what translates to the island’s workforce and what is not relatable to a more localized analysis.  

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