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Pavía Hospitals Get Certified for Medical Tourism

By on April 21, 2016

SAN JUAN–Metro Pavía Health System became Puerto Rico’s network of private hospitals with the most certifications for medical tourism after the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) gave the International Patients Services Certification to six of its hospitals.

MetroPavia“This certifications are the successful completion of more than a year of evaluations and implementations to comply with the quality standards required by the MTA,” said Guillermo Martín, Vice president of Operations fro Metro Pavía.

Martín also mention the certifications were obtained as part of a collaborative effort with Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation (PRMTC) to position the island among the most salient and competitive destinations for medical services.

According to Francisco Bonet, executive director of the PRMTC, Puerto Rico was unknown to international medical tourism markets almost until a couple of years ago.

“We had 12,000 foreign patients in our hospitals two years ago. Now e are expecting a 25% increment for this year, mainly because we are the first international destination that began certifying its personnel and facilities before offering services,” said Bonet.

In the case of Pavía Hospital in Santurce, the first in the network to get certified, it attends an average of 250 foreign patients a month. After the certifications Martín expects that number to double, particularly with patients seeking services in the areas of cardiology and Ob-Gyn.

The PRMTC executive said a study commissioned to a local firm estimates Puerto Rico could be receiving more than 30,000 medical tourists by the end of 2017, with an economic impact of $300 million on the island’s economy.

“The main competitive advantage Puerto Rico has over any other jurisdiction in the U.S. is the cost of just about every medical procedure and/or treatment. Medical costs on the island are an average 30 percent less that in the U.S. and that is very attractive, say an American citizen who would have paid some $85,000 for open heart surgery in the U.S., while the same operation inPuerto Rico,” said Martín.

“Price is our most competitive advantage,” added Bonet, who highlighted the fact that all physicians and medical facilities in Puerto Rico are required to comply with the same regulations as the doctors and hospitals in the U.S.

For someone in need of a specific medical service, but with limited resources, Puerto Rico becomes a real medical alternative.

Other medical and hospital facilities in Puerto Rico certified by the MTA are: HIMA in Caguas,, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, San Jorge Children’s Hospital and the Puerto Rico Cardiovascular Center, among others.

The services with greater demand are: ophthalmology, dental, oncology orthopedics and cosmetic surgery.

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