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PDP Agrees With Stiffer Regulations On Campaign Donations

By on January 3, 2016

SAN JUAN – The chairman of the transition committee for Popular Democratic Party president David Bernier supported amendments proposed by Electoral Comptroller Manuel Torres that would stiffen laws related to political campaign donations.
PDP Rep. Jesus Santa said Bernier has voluntarily already put in place controls over the donations he is receiving. 
Among the proposed amendments, Torres said he wants to limit to around 30% the amount political parties can get in anonymous campaign donations, which are those that are  $200 or less, because he said donors can contribute such amounts as many times as they want. 
The move comes after the government was rocked by a scandal involving influence peddling by an important PDP donor that resulted in the arrests of 10 people.  
Santa said Bernier has already implemented several measures to ensure transparency in donations to his campaign.
These include having an internal audit committee to ensure that all fundraising activities meet the strict parameters established by the law and to safeguard the process of transparency governing their election campaign; facilitating a control sheet for collective political activities that summarizes the revenues during the activity, the organizer’s name and details of the donor; reducing to half the amount of cash that will be raised under Governor David Bernier 2016 Committee; and requiring the information from donors for all contributions made in cash that are above $100 and not $200 as it is stated in the law, according to a statement.  

By Caribbean Business

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