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PDP Demands ‘Prudence’ in Governor’s ‘State of the State’ Speech

By on February 28, 2017

SAN JUAN – The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) leadership in Congress requested Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to be “prudent” and “responsible” in Tuesday’s message before the Legislative Assembly.

“The prudent and reasonable thing is for the governor to speak. If there are proposals that are good for the country, the party will support them,” PDP Senate Minority Whip Eduardo Bhatia said Monday.

PDP Senator Eduardo Bhatia (CB Photo)

PDP Senator Eduardo Bhatia (CB Photo)

However, Bhatia said the governor’s shift regarding the restructuring of the island’s debt since his election campaign to his most recent public policies and proposed measures should be questioned.

“We must ask why he is changing his stance when he previously said he had a plan and that there was money to pay [the debt],” Bhatia, who is the former Senate president, said during a press conference in PDP headquarters in Puerta de Tierra, where the party’s new president, Héctor Ferrer, announced Isabela mayor Charlie Delgado Artieri as the new PDP secretary-general, substituting Javier Echevarría.

“I believe there should be a call for seriousness, and we will listen to him,” Bhatia said in reference to the governor’s message.

For his part, PDP House Minority Whip Rafael “Tatito” Hernández demanded Rosselló be consistent with his words and actions.

“The governor has been changing his discourse from what he said in his campaign. We must reach an agreement with creditors before starting to cut government services,” Hernández argued, indicating that the New Progressive Party (NPP) questioned the past administration’s fiscal policies, whereas the new government appears to be in the process of implementing those very measures.

Both Bhatia and Hernández stressed that the PDP is sending a consistent message, even in municipal assemblies.

Rosselló will deliver his “State of the State Address” before the Legislative Assembly, in which he is expected to present his ideas to tackle Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis and proposed measures. On Tuesday, his administration is expected to deliver its fiscal plan to the Fiscal Oversight & Management Board.

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