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PDP Demands Urgency on Investigation Against Rosselló

By on October 16, 2016

SAN JUAN — Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Secretary-General Javier Echevarría Vargas demanded to accelerate the investigation process of complaints filed against Ricardo Rosselló for allegedly using public funds to boost his political campaign.

The complaints, presented last July before the Comptroller’s Office and the Government Ethics Office, note that the New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate published his book “A better Puerto Rico is Possible” with public funds, and that motto was his campaign’s main theme for the plebiscite and for the 2012 elections, and for his eventual candidacy on 2016.

PDP Secretary-General Javier Echevarría Vargas / Inter News Service

PDP Secretary-General Javier Echevarría Vargas / Inter News Service

Echevarría Vargas understands that the facts denote a chronology of events that enumerate the calculated and systematic use on Rosselló’s behalf of the book’s title as his electoral campaign’s central message.

“Even those acts are effected before signing the contract with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Editorial. Likewise, the book’s publication was effected just weeks before the plebiscite and the 2012 elections, and that continued with posterity until today,” said the public official.

The PDP Secretary-General took the opportunity to claim for a hastened investigation against Rosselló’s supposedly illicit job designation in the UPR-Medical Science campus (RCM by its Spanish initials). “The investigation request was presented before UPR Interim President Celeste Freytes, and before the governing board of that public institution,” he explained.

He claimed the RCM “created a seat to grant it to [Rosselló], and by doing so, displaced multiple educators who were avidly and legitimately competing for an academic post in that university. In Rosselló’s case there wasn’t an announcement and the process of changing his rank as assistant professor was made in a mere 30 days.”

The PDP politician affirmed this behavior, “of evident political cronyism,” must be rigorously investigated because it constitutes “a highly improper action.”

Echevarría Vargas added the NPP gubernatorial candidate must be required to repay the money he earned as a professor, “not having fulfilled his academic responsibilities.”

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