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Corruption Trial Spurs Need for PDP Governing Board, Bernier to Assure Party Importance

By on August 27, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) governing board expressed its support and solidarity Saturday night with party President David Bernier in the interest to protect the institution above any other consideration following a request House Speaker Jaime Perelló step down. The party’s governing board spent the entire day discussing the matter.

A proposal by Rep. Conny Varela that Perelló cede his powers without resigning until the end of convicted businessman and party fundraiser Anaudi Hernández Pérez’s corruption trial was was welcomed by Bernier, but his advisers, led by Nestor Duprey, insisted they wanted speaker’s resignation.

The daylong meeting was convened by the party’s president and gubernatorial candidate, Bernier, amid speculations about his candidacy’s future. A meeting with the House’s PDP caucus had also been summoned for 2 p.m. at the party’s headquarters in Puerta de Tierra where the board was also gathered and the representatives were waiting for the governing board meeting to end and begin theirs with Bernier.

One of the attendees who stepped out of the governing board meeting for a moment, who asked to not be named, had said they were still working on the government proposals Bernier will present during his election campaign, but didn’t give details about

PDP gubernatorial candidate David Bernier

PDP gubernatorial candidate David Bernier

Perelló himself was at the meeting and former Gov. Rafael Hernández Colón arrived but left shortly after, legislators who were present at the conclave said.

Mayors such as San Juan’s Carmen “Yulín” Cruz and Charlie Delgado from Isabela arrived early and, before entering, demonstrably backed Bernier’s request for Perelló to resign.

For the second meeting, by 5 p.m., eight out of the 28 representatives who support Bernier’s stance, such as Ángel Matos, Manuel Natal, Luis Raúl Torres, Jose Báez and Javier Aponte Dalmau had arrived.

None of the legislators who oppose Bernier’s petition for Perelló’s resignation showed up, except for Perelló, who is a member of the board, as are Luis Vega Ramos and Charlie Hernández.

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