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PDP joins May 1 strike called by Puerto Rico unions

By on April 26, 2017

PDP President Héctor Ferrer (Agustín Criollo/CB)

PDP President Héctor Ferrer (Agustín Criollo/CB)

SAN JUAN – The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday urged its mayors, legislators and municipal presidents to join the island-wide strike convened for May 1 to demonstrate their rejection of the fiscal and labor policies of the Gov. Ricardo Rosselló administration and the fiscal control board.

The so-called National Strike has been promoted by Puerto Rico’s main unions, as well as by multisector organizations and University of Puerto Rico (UPR) students.

“The people must unite to make their voice heard and confront this administration’s abuse against workers, against students and against the most vulnerable sectors,” PDP President Héctor Ferrer said.

The party leader also urged every “good Puerto Rican” to join the massive demonstration against the government’s actions.

“It is time for all Puerto Ricans, outside party lines, to assume our responsibility for the future of our country and to unite in defense of the rights of our public employees and of all groups that have expressed themselves against this government’s austerity measures,” Ferrer said in his written statement.

“We cannot allow the leadership of the NPP [New Progressive Party] to impose its criteria at the expense of Puerto Ricans’ pockets, much less undermine the rights acquired by workers,” he added.

The minority party leader maintained that all the measures proposed by the government and the fiscal board prioritize paying the public debt before meeting the “real needs” of Puerto Ricans. “We must go out together and defend our rights,” he said.

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