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PDP lawmaker decides not to run for reelection

By on December 28, 2015

Angered at how some of his fellow Popular Democratic Party (PDP) members manage government and political issues, Rep. José Báez has decided not to run for reelection and thus return to his private practice as an attorney because he has no say in the party.

Currently, the president of Precinct 4 in San Juan, Báez said he is retiring because there is serious tension within the PDP with a sector that, little by little, has broken everything in front of everybody and no one is saying anything for fear of losing the election.

“The party has become a candidate’s club, where it doesn’t matter if you swear allegiance to the party or not… Manuel Cidre and Alexandra Lúgaro could easily be party members. There is no difference. And while that remains so, and everybody is an independent candidate – like Carmen Yulín Cruz, who runs like an independent candidate within the party – and the rest allow it to happen uncontested. I don’t want to spend another four years fighting that,” Báez said.

Besides Báez, PDP Secretary General Jorge Colberg, who will be leaving the post on Dec. 31,  occasionally makes strong remarks against the group of legislators headed by Luis Vega Ramos and Luis Raúl Torres for their constant questioning of opposition to Gov. Alejandro García Padilla’s initiatives.

Báez said he opted out of his political career because he is convinced there is no room for him in the PDP.

He argued division within the PDP has turned many fellow party members into independent candidates acting against party rules.

Báez isn’t convinced David Bernier’s ascent to the PDP presidency will change the situation. He believes Bernier has been, as has García Padilla, very patient in dealing with the situation, but without any success.

By Ismael Torres

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