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PDP Legislators Demand Sanctions against Dorado Mayor

By on March 17, 2016

A group of 18 Popular Democratic Party (PDP) legislators demanded the PDP upper brass on Thursday to immediately address a complaint the group filed a week ago against Dorado Mayor Carlos López, following several harsh remarks that the mayor has thrown at the legislators.

Dorado Mayor Carlos LópezThe group, headed by PDP Reps. César Hernández Alfonzo, Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porrás and Carlos Bianchi Angleró, pressed for a response after López, who is also from the PDP, requested that the party postpone any discussions surrounding the formal complaint.

It is the second complaint lobbied against the Dorado mayor. Days before that, 11 PDP legislators filed a first complaint, this time in defense of PDP Rep. Rafael “Tatito” Hernández, with whom López has had an ongoing rivalry.

In one of the complaints, the legislators stated, “the conduct exhibited by the mayor concerns us greatly. His attitude is challenging and disrespectful to our party structure.”

Issues between López and Hernández started when the mayor retired his support of Hernández, whose representative district includes Dorado, after alleging that Hernández has done nothing for the district since winning his legislative seat in 2012.

In his frequent tirades against Hernández, López has called him “a traitor” and “politically dead,” among other remarks. The mayor has also led an active campaign against Hernández, to the extent that the PDP’s municipal committee in Dorado is planning to withdraw its political support of Hernández and seek someone else to challenge him for his legislative seat.


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