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PDP Mayoral Candidates Present Plan for Women

By on September 18, 2016

(Inter News Service)

(Inter News Service)

SAN JUAN- The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) introduced Sunday eight new female mayoral candidates for the next elections, who presented a series of proposals that benefit the female population.

The candidates are: Angelys “Angie” Rivera Pagán, of Orocovis; Ardyce “Dichy” Rivera, from Barranquitas; Carmen Maldonado, of Morovis; Julia Nazario, from Loíza; Lourdes Acevedo, of Arecibo; Melinda Ramos, from Ceiba; Nilsa García, of Aguas Buenas; Noemí Cardona, from Aguadilla; and Wilma J. Rosa, of Naguabo.

The proposals, presented in a press conference, are contained in the PDP government platform, titled “Government, Economy, Life: Strategic Plan for Puerto Rico.”

“With great pride we are presenting to the country the fruit of the labor of many women who work in our collectivity, as well as other groups and non-affiliates. This group of [female] mayoral candidates represent the courage of those who want to work for Puerto Rico and our families,” expressed Rivera Pagán.

The Orocovis candidate added that the PDP government platform has a section dedicated to women, which “begins with the assertion that us, women are strategic in Puerto Rico’s social and economic development.”

Ada Skerett, president of the Popular Women Organization, or OMP by its Spanish initials. (Twitter/@ppdpr)

Ada Skerett, president of the Popular Women Organization, or OMP by its Spanish initials. (Twitter/@ppdpr)

Meanwhile, “Dichy” Rivera argued that “contrary to other political proposals, the PDP promotes equality and acknowledges that equal treatment is a path we are still building, and we must step on the throttle. The fight for equality must be occupational, communitarian, and political.”

Among the exposed concrete actions figure launching legislative measures to attend the matter of gender inequality in the workforce and sexual domain, as well as discrimination in all its expressions.

Maldonado declared the PDP is committed to achieve gender equality in government occupations, starting with the executive cabinet of its president and gubernatorial candidate, David Bernier.

Regarding support policies for domestic abuse victims, Nazario said “our plan will widen current offers, including transitional housing services, as well as training and employment so these women can merge in nontraditional careers, such as mechanics, electricity, refrigeration and new technologies, which have a great market demand.”

One proposal that stands out is the plan to elaborate Puerto Rico’s budget with gender perspective, “to achieve equality in services and programs. This way, we will prevent to unjustly affect women and heads of households,” added Acevedo.


“Dichy” Rivera: “The fight for equality must be

occupational, communitarian, and political”


Ramos detailed that entrepreneurship holds a prominent position, which the group aspires to achieve by creating cyber platforms that offer access to information about small businesses, financial intelligence, negotiation, and investment management, among others.

“One of the Puerto Rican woman’s greatest worries is health, particularly the high incidence of breast cancer. To attend this important issue, we will implement effective mechanisms that guarantee access to services and medicine those patients need,” affirmed García.

In the meantime, Cardona and Rosa, of Aguadilla and Naguabo, respectively, emphasized the program is the result of multiple queries throughout the island, in collaboration with the Popular Women’s Organization (OMP by its Spanish initials), presided by Ada Skerett.

“We recognize that implementing this proposal presents great challenges before Puerto Rico’s fiscal situation and the labor initiation of the Fiscal Oversight Board, but it is precisely in these difficult times when individuals’ capacity must arise to innovate and create opportunities. We are ready to assume that responsibility,” they concluded.

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